Custom Jewelry Design Lexington, Kentucky

Custom Jewelry Design

We specialize in custom jewelry design and use green techniques to re-purpose our customers materials. We also have a fine selection of in stock jewelry and gemstones.

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Design Lexington, Kentucky

One-of-a-kind Jewelry Design

For those who embrace their own style. Work with our designer and design team to create an original jewelry design especially for you.

Easy Jewelry Design Lexington, Kentucky

Easy Jewelry Design

We make the jewelry design process easy for you. Our on staff designer will create a selection of one of a kind jewelry design sketches for you to choose from. These jewelry designs are based on your personal preferences after we have had an opportunity to consult with you. We are also glad to work with you if you have an inspiration piece or ideas of your own.

Affordable Jewelry Design Lexington, Kentucky

Affordable Jewelry Design

Our jewelry designer and design team will show you how you can repurpose your materials to make the jewelry design process affordable.

Computer Aided Jewelry Design Lexington, Kentucky

Computer Aided Jewelry Design (CAD)

More elaborate and intricate jewelry designs can be produced using this process and is available at Designs Unlimited Fine Jewelers.

Computer Aided Jewelry Manufacturing Lexington, Kentucky

Computer Aided Jewelry Manufacturing (CAM)

The second step in producing a more elaborate and intricate computer aided jewelry design.